Web accessibility isn’t just a commitment to a more inclusive world: It’s a long-term solution that keeps your business competitive, protected and connected to all your customers.

Is your site ADA compliant?

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Ensure 100% compliance with ADA, Section 508 and WCAG standards
Protect your company and avoid compliance lawsuits
Evaluate and remediate common web accessibility problems
Provide accessible site hosting, apps and digital media
Secure web accessibility certification and training


Online toolbars and widgets are a low-budget way for businesses to ensure web compliance.


There are no automated tools that can ensure your company is WCAG compliant or reduce your risk for lawsuits.

Accessibility Widgets and Overlays Offer No Guarantees

The number of companies who use an accessibility widget or overlay on their website and faced an accessibility lawsuit in 2021:
The promise to prevent ADA lawsuits by using an accessibility widget or overlays isn't real.


Experience You Can Rely On In the complex world of ADA compliance, Lighthouse Works is your trusted partner. Using proprietary audits and hands-on consulting, our team of experts will help your business earn an ADA Seal of Approval, resolve lawsuits and stay protected in the future.
Effortless Results Get a comprehensive, detailed, easy-to-understand report that identifies website accessibility issues, with simple recommendations for resolving them at the code level.
Win-Win Solutions A good online strategy and design provides a better user experience for everyone — not just customers with disabilities. Accessible websites tend to enjoy better clickthrough rates and search engine optimization (SEO) — earning higher search rankings and more web traffic.
Customized Support Created to develop solutions for our visually impaired contact center group, we have assembled a team of experts that understand first-hand both the coding and the end-user experience of a compliant website and digital materials — allowing them to consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.
Forward-Looking Design Today, tomorrow or ten years from now, your site will always be 100% accessible and compliant with the latest regulations.

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Most toolbars and plug-ins check only 40% of common compliance standards, leaving the other 60% unresolved. In the long term, many companies end up with two different versions of their website, allowing problems to escalate over time.

At Lighthouse, we use a combination of automated screening and human testers to dig into the details of your digital presence — ensuring total accessibility.

Feature Website Accessibility Widget Our Proven Process
100% WCAG Compliance 24/7 Section 508, WCAG 2.1, ADA Title III X 50% Compliance 100% Compliance
Comply with Legislation 24/7 X 50% Compliance 100% Compliance
Website Accessibility Check X Automated
leaving a majority of the standards unchecked.
Automated & Manual
Remediation X Plugin Does not fix all accessibility issues Code Level
Ensure 100% WCAG compliance
Digital Documents X Not tested Tested
(both automatically and manually)
Ongoing support X Talk to the Widget! Widget assume your problems are solved Expert Level Guidance
to ensure ongoing WCAG compliance
HTML Labeling X Some things can be labeled automatically; some cannot Everything is labeled
and the labels actually make sense.
ARIA X A widget can only guess what the right ARIA info should be, so it cannot fix ARIA problems All custom widgets have the correct ARIA attributes,
so users know how to use them
Comply with Assistive Technology X Competes with user software and creates new and unforeseen issues 100% WCAG Compliance
Bottom Line Your digital content is accessible to some, SOMETIMES! Your digital content is accessible and inclusive to everyone,

Avoid compliance lawsuits.

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Better for Business (And the Bottom Line)

While lawsuits focused on web accessibility are on the rise, accessibility is about more than legal hot water. Approximately 1 in 4 adults in the United States have some type of disability – and failing to accommodate them means alienating an entire segment of potential customers.

Did you know?

Digital design remains one of the most pressing barriers to accessibility in modern America. A yearly analysis from the nonprofit WebAIM found that of the top 1 million site home pages, more than 97% had some issues that made them difficult to access even with assistive technology.


While we’re helping your customers, you’re helping change our community for the better: As a mission-driven social enterprise, Lighthouse creates careers for smart, service-oriented professionals living with vision impairments. Learn more about our mission.

The Solutions You Are Looking For

“Lighthouse was by far the best choice. They were reasonably priced, and the actual workers who tested our website had disabilities themselves — this definitely increased their credibility. We highly recommend Lighthouse Works to any company, large or small, that needs to update their website to gain ADA accessibility status.”

Ashley Dawkins, Marketing Director
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