At Lighthouse Works, our priority is delivering high-quality service
and value to our customers.

But the story doesn't end there.

While our services fill a competitive gap in the marketplace, they’re also designed to address social and economic challenges in the community.

Our Success is Measured by a Double Bottom Line:

Creating careers for visually impaired and blind Americans — a talent-rich population that faces a disproportionate rate of unemployment.
Ensuring that any person, of any age, can access comprehensive and life-changing vision rehabilitation services.
Since 1976, Lighthouse Central Florida has provided vision-specific rehabilitation, training and education for people with sight impairment and their families – made possible with revenue from Lighthouse Works.
Both Lighthouse Central Florida and Lighthouse Works ensure that individuals of all backgrounds have the tools they need to lead productive, independent lives, while pursuing their dreams and goals without limitations.

“Lighthouse provides pieces to the puzzle, and with its help and support, I can put that puzzle together to form a better life for myself.”

Addison Burgess
Transition Program Client

Equal Access is a Competitive Advantage

By hiring visually impaired and blind Floridians, Lighthouse Works provides quality employment opportunities to smart, talented members of our community — turning their strengths into a competitive advantage for our clients.

Did you know?

7 out of 10 visually impaired or blind adults in the U.S. are unemployed or out of the job market altogether.
Customers choose Lighthouse Works based on a proven track record for customer satisfaction, reliability, quality and cost - effective pricing. But just as important, it’s a chance to partner with a social enterprise that’s changing our community for the better.
“Our mission is not something we can do alone: Our business partners are the cornerstone of what makes our process work – and the benefits of doing good go both ways.”
Kyle Johnson, President & CEO
Lighthouse Central Florida - Lighthouse Works

Our Community Impact


Clients Served in Central Florida


Blind Labor Hours


Compound Annual Growth in Blind Labor


Paid in Wages for Visually Impaired or Blind Employees

Shining a Light on Vision Rehabilitation

  • Studies show that between now and 2050, the number of Floridians living with vision impairment will almost triple.
  • According to Prevent Blindness, by 2050:
    • Vision loss will grow by 135%, from 4.4 million to more than 10 million people
    • Cataract, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and advanced age-related macular degeneration is expected to increase by 77% to nearly 70 million adults

Our programs

ensure that people of every age have access to comprehensive and life-changing vision rehabilitation services

Individuals completing our programs

gain the necessary tools and skills to lead fulfilling, productive and independent lives

Our business lines

deliver high quality value to customers, while at the same time creating exciting career opportunities for candidates who are visually impaired or blind

Revenue from Lighthouse Works

businesses is reinvested into Lighthouse Central Florida, helping to improve and expand life-changing services in our community
For more than 45 years, Lighthouse Central Florida has been Florida’s only nationally accredited nonprofit offering a comprehensive range of rehabilitation services to Central Floridians living with vision impairments. With a blend of hands-on training and real-world practice, its programs empower children and adults of all ages to lead independent lives.

That’s made possible in part by Lighthouse Works. The revenue from our businesses is reinvested into Lighthouse Central Florida, helping to grow and improve life-changing services in our community.